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Moving Vets Ahead


Dedicated to helping those who have served our country


Specialized training and practical experience.

Moving Vets Ahead equips veterans with valuable digital skills and expertise in cutting-edge technologies.


Our Focus Areas

We partner with companies to provide the training and tools required to get veterans back into the workforce quickly.


Veteran Training

Comprehensive training in Power Apps, Power Automate, ChatGPT, Copilot, model-driven applications with Dataverse, and Power BI. Veterans gain expertise in building custom applications and automating processes.


Veteran Support and Career Advancement

Assisting veterans in finding meaningful job placements in the tech industry and providing ongoing support for career advancement.
Continuous learning to keep veterans up-to-date with the latest technology trends and industry practices.

Establishing an alumni network for veterans who have completed the training program to share experiences, offer mentorship, and stay connected.


Consulting and Solutions

Providing clients with tailored business solutions using the expertise of trained veterans in the Microsoft Power Platform.

Collaborating with clients to define project scope and timelines, with veteran consultants leading structured projects from start to finish.

Offering on-demand assistance through Help Now, providing clients with expert guidance and solutions for immediate, short-term support needs.


Strategic Partnerships

Moving Vets Ahead (MVA) establishes strategic partnerships with prominent companies and industry leaders to enhance our training programs and provide veterans with comprehensive learning opportunities.

Through collaborations with organizations across various sectors, we connect veterans with hands-on projects and potential employment, facilitating a seamless transition into civilian careers.


We Plan, We Build,
We Empower

Moving Vets Ahead empowers veterans with skills and opportunities while delivering high-quality, customized solutions to clients.

What We Provide 


Veteran Training and Development

Microsoft Power Platform Training: Comprehensive training in Power Apps, Power Automate, ChatGPT, Copilot, model-driven applications with Dataverse, and Power BI. Veterans gain expertise in building custom applications and automating processes.

Hands-On Practice: Provide veterans with opportunities to apply their training in real-world scenarios, allowing them to build a portfolio of projects and gain valuable experience.

Certification and Accreditation: Assist veterans in obtaining certifications and industry-recognized qualifications that can enhance their job prospects and validate their skills.


Consulting Services

Custom Application Development: Provide tailored application development services for clients using the Microsoft Power Platform. Veterans create custom solutions that address specific business needs.

Project-Based Consulting: Collaborate with clients on structured projects, defining scope and timelines to ensure successful delivery of tech solutions.

Project Management Add-On: Offer project management services as an optional add-on to support clients in overseeing projects and ensuring efficient execution.


Business Problem Solving

Problem Assessment and Solution Design: Work with clients to understand their business challenges and design technology solutions using the Microsoft Power Platform.

Solution Implementation: Implement the proposed solutions efficiently and effectively, with veterans managing the process and ensuring alignment with client goals.


Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Technical Support: Provide ongoing technical support for solutions developed by MVA, helping clients maintain and optimize their applications and systems.

Enhancements and Upgrades: Offer services for enhancing existing applications and solutions, as well as upgrading to the latest technology and best practices.


Veteran Support and Career Advancement

Community Outreach: Engaging with the community through events and initiatives that showcase the impact of veteran-led tech solutions and the success stories of veterans who have benefited from the training program.

Client Collaboration: Building strong, lasting relationships with clients by delivering exceptional service and solutions that exceed their expectations.

Educational Partnerships: Collaborating with educational institutions to promote career pathways in tech for veterans and raise awareness of opportunities in application development.

Training Opportunities 


Power Apps Development Workshop


Power Automate Workflow Design


ChatGPT and Copilot Integration


Power BI Data Analysis and Visualization

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