At Moving Vets Ahead, we are dedicated to helping those who have faithfully served our country by assisting them in transitioning back to civilian life. We partner with companies to provide the training and tools required to get veterans back into the workforce quickly.

Currently, MVA is partnering with WiseConnect, which provides technicians to CenturyLink.  The technicians work in the field of telephone and internet installation and repair. MVA provides Veterans with access to the trucks and tools required to work in this field. MVA gives on-the-job training to provide them the skills that they need. They begin earning on the first day of training and quickly increase the hourly rate they can achieve.

By the end of the program, enrolled Veterans will choose between continuing their current position or moving on to new opportunities. If choosing to move on, we assist the veteran in their transition. In either case, the skills gained will provide the veteran with what they need to continue in their new career.